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Adventure Minigolf

Adventure Minigolf Hluboká nad Vltavou is situated in the Sport and relaxation complex above the river Vltava, at the end of a bicycle route which connects České Budějovice and Hluboká. It occupies a beautiful space below the Hluboká castle right next to Vltava River. It is the availability and appealing natural environment of the area that make it a favourite locality for active relaxation of children as well as adults. Are you looking for inspiration for a family trip? Our complex will give you maximum enjoyment for the whole day! The Adventure Minigolf consist of 18 holes of varying difficulty. The game is not physically demanding and everyone can join in and play (the youngest members of your family included). There is no dress code, no complex rules. Adventure Minigolf is a perfect game for the whole family. And what's more, the field is professionally lit and therefore offers a unique experience full of romance in evening hours. Do not hesitate any longer, and come to enjoy surely well-deserved portion of fun and relaxation.