About the Restaurant

Are you getting hungry after all the activities you went through in our complex? Are you thirsty or do you just want a little snack?

In our restaurant you can eat and drink until satisfied. We offer main courses, quick meals, several kinds of salads, and fast food. You can also choose from an additional assortment of popsicles and desserts. Also a wide variety of cold or warm drinks and coffees is prepared for you.

Bar is also a part of the restaurant. The whole restaurant is self-serviced and all orders will be taken at the bar. The food is then served from the kitchen window. There are enough places for approximately 53 persons. Friendly environment is enhanced by a stylish fireplace and two flat TVs with dozens of channels.


Terrace has a capacity of approximately 80 persons and overlooks the children playground. Parents can watch their children while enjoying a cup of good coffee or a pint of glistening beer. The terrace is also protected with several parasols which are protecting our guest from sun or rain. There is no service at the terrace; visitors have to order at the bar.

The terrace also serves as a dance floor or a stage during various events.