Tent city

Suitable for anyone!

Outdoor schools, school trips, special interest groups and more...

Another advantage of the tent city is the possibility of using showers and toilets, which are located right next to the place intended for overnight stays.  Everything is close together, so your comfort is taken care of. Among other things, you have a choice of meals and can take advantage of special offers on our attractions. 

We will be happy to help you.
Denisa Stepankova
E-mail: provozni@sport-hluboka.cz
Phone: +420 721 503 514

Price list tent city

Person - from 18 years old (in tent, caravan, car)
120 CZK / night
Person - up to 18 years old (in tent, caravan, car)
80 CZK / night
100 CZK / night
Rental of our tent (custom build)
200 CZK / night
Caravan / car with sleeping arrangement
500 CZK / night
Car (by the tent, on the desktop)
100 CZK / night
Accommodation fee (from 18 years)
25 CZK / night