Are you hungry after the activities in our Sports and Relaxation Complex? Are you thirsty or just craving something small? In the club restaurant you can eat and drink to your heart's content! 

We offer main meals, grilled snacks, vegetable salad, as well as snacks from the fast food. You can also choose from a complementary assortment of popsicles and sweets. There is also a wide range of chilled and hot drinks or several types of coffee. 

Offer for the 2023 season

  • burger with jerk meat
  • tortillas
  • jerk meat with fries, vegetable garnish
  • Greek salad
  • fries
  • fried cheese + fries
  • spaghetti bolognese
  • panini
  • fritters with fruit and cottage cheese
  • fried cheese in a bun

The restaurant has a bar. The restaurant, including the terrace, is self-service and all orders are taken at the bar. Food is then dispensed at the window directly from the kitchen. Inside the restaurant there is a comfortable seating area for about 50 people. The friendly atmosphere is enhanced by a stylish fireplace.


The terrace, which extends in front of the facilities, has a capacity of about 100 people. The terrace overlooks the children's playground, so parents can watch their children while drinking a cup of coffee or from behind the glass of a glass of ice-cold pint. The terrace is complemented by several parasols that protect from the harsh sun or rain. The terrace is not serviced from the restaurant, visitors order their refreshments inside at the bar.

We will be happy to help you.
Denisa Stepankova
Phone: +420 721 503 514

Opening hours

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Saturday, Sunday                   11 - 17 (18) depending on weather
Monday - Friday
13 - 18
Saturday, Sunday, holidays
10 - 19
Monday - Sunday, holidays 5. and 6.7.
10 - 19
Saturday, Sunday
10 - 17
We reserve the right to partially close the park in case of exceptionally bad weather. Restaurants, kiosks and sports facilities are open depending on the weather.
schools, companies, groups of more than 15 people
at any time, on request

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