Beach volleyball

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Thanks to the unsurpassed view of the castle, Hluboká nad Vltavou is one of the best situated golf courses in the Czech Republic.  There are four groomed courts.

Prices and reservations included:

  • sanitary facilities, shower and shower cubicle
  • open refreshments with terrace

Payment information for visitors with 50% discount
- Discount will NOT be applied without proper proof of discount

The cost per hour of court time is 300 CZK with the understanding that this will be calculated for 4 players. Thus, we will always require payment of the amount with a prorated discount, depending on how many visitors the discount applies to (i.e. those who prove they have a 50% discount)

Price list

Price for courts
Court / hour
300 Kč
Included in the price and booking are balls, toilet facilities and showers

Operating hours

FEBRUARY, MARCH, APRIL - open? Follow the news and social networks
Saturday, Sunday
11 - 17 (18) according to the weather
Thursday 14.4. - Monday 18.4.
10 - 19
Monday - Friday
13 - 18
Saturday, Sunday, holidays
10 - 19
Monday - Sunday, holidays 5 and 6.7.
10 - 19
< div class="info-tab-col-top">Friday 28/10/2022
< big>open
10 - 18< /div>
Saturday, Sunday
10 - 17
We reserve the right to partially close the park in case of exceptionally bad weather. Restaurants, kiosks and sports fields are open depending on the weather.
schools, companies, groups of over 15 people
anytime, to order